180 Matrix Booth

Innovation in the photo world does not just stop at improving image quality and camera specifics. It goes further to make your day the most colourful you ever experienced. Bullet time and freeze frames are fast becoming the perfect experiential marketing sensation.

Even your poses can be revolutionary, and the memories you create be more dramatic than smiling and looking picture perfect.

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Event Carpet Service

We have a wide selection of carpets and flooring that are designed to coordinate with a variety of venues. Lowest rate in town!

LED Wall Service

High-definition LED panels that can be customised to any shape or size to create the perfect video wall for your corporate event.

Lighting and Sound

Wide array of Lighting and Sound packages to suit your needs! Big range of hues, automation and dimming features.


Modular Stage installations that are strong and reliable. Main Stage, runway, photo taking or choir seating, we customise to your requirements! Why not pair this with our Printed Backdrop service?


Competitive Rates! Backdrop printing for Events Stage and the most premium photo booth experiences!

Events Management

D&D, Launch & Activations, Family & Carnivals, Award Ceremony & Special Events!


Add sparkles to your event! Our emcees can host product campaigns, weddings, D&D, award shows and more!

180 Matrix Booth

Say no more! This is our “tan chiak” so you know you are getting the perfect experiential marketing sensation with the most impressive social amplification possible!

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